Docs remove screwdriver from man’s rectum, had used it to medicate himself for piles

The Hush Post | 14:18 | Two-minute read

A 54-year-old carpenter in Mumbai, with a hope to get some relief, applied medication on his haemorrhoids at the anus area through a screwdriver. But the poor carpenter fell asleep and next morning he found that the screwdriver had shifted into his anal canal. Embarrassed carpenter did not seek help until he caught into an unbearable pain.

The carpenter who wanted to keep his identity secret, said, “A doctor near the construction site I work at in Mulund told me apply xylocaine gel internally and as a carpenter I could only think of screwdriver for this purpose.”

On Friday evening the doctors at Baldota Institute of Digestive Sciences in Global Hospital, Parel, removed an almost 8-inch screwdriver with the help of endoscopy.

It was a biggest challenge for the doctors since the screwdriver migrated almost 10-12 cm inside from the anal opening. For the treatment doctors introduced a special prove with a loop called a snare alongside to complete the extraction.

“It took us 10 minutes to remove the screwdriver, but it was a challenge to ensure that its sharp edge does not harm the tissues during the extraction,” said the doctor.

After the removal the carpenter is now feeling “as normal as before”.  The doctors conducted the post-procedure endoscopic survey that revealed minor ulcers at the spot where the screwdriver was embedded. The doctors said that while the ulcers would heal in a few days, carpenter’s problem of piles too, was not a major one.

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