Father’s acquaintance molests college student; she beats him up, gets him arrested

father's acquaintance molests teenager R

The Hush Post: Women need to become their own protectors and not succumb to societal norms out of fear of getting disrepute or being maligned. And this is what a 19-year-old Mumbai girl did when a 37-year-old man, a man living in the same locality as hers, touched her inappropriately.

The college student revealed to the police that the man molested her on the pretext of giving her a part-time job. She beat him up with a shoe and got him arrested, a news report said.

According to the police, the accused Umesh Pandey, 37, and the girl’s father knew each other as they live in the same locality.

The accused had told the woman’s father that he would find a good job for his daughter. After she returned from work on Saturday, the accused asked her to meet him. When she reached his office, he started touching her back, when she asked him not to, he continued groping her. She then took off her chappals and started beating him up. After hearing her screams, people gathered but Pandey managed to run away.

The girl then informed her father and got an FIR registered at the Malwani police station.

The accused has been arrested.

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