Woman groped by gang of hoodlums at Mumbai’s Sakinaka discotheque, male friend hit with beer bottles

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A group of men groped a 26-year-old woman at a discotheque in Mumbai. Not only this, the group beat up a friend of the victim who objected to the sexual assault.

The incident occurred at a Sakinaka discotheque. A 26-year-old beautician and her four friends had gone to the discotheque for a night out. There a group of men started groping her several times, a report said.

Group beat up victim’s friend who objected to the groping

When the beautician’s businessman friend Mahesh Mishra objected, the group beat him up with beer bottles. The shards of bottle hit the victim and her one female friend in the legs. They had to be taken to the hospital for stitches.

The accused fled away when the hotel staff arrived. Before fleeing, the men stole the purse of beautician’s friend that contained Rs 60,000 cash, two mobiles, and ID cards.

The incident occurred at The Cult in Hotel Peninsula, Mumbai. “Initially, when the men from the group touched me, I ignored it as the place was crowded. I simply changed my seat. Later, around 2 am, when we moved to a sofa, one of the men from the group came and touched my back which my friend notices. When he objected, the group was annoyed, beat him up and threw a beer bottle at him,”the report quoted the victim.

The Sakinaka police have sought footage of closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras at the hotel to identify the accused.

“On learning about the incident, we immediately rushed to the help the patrons. The hotel was crowded and there was chaos. We rushed the two women to a hospital. The hotel has provided all details to the police and is co-operating,” The Cult hotel’s Suvidha Singh said.

The hotel has also provided the victims the phone number of one of the men from the group. They have given this number to the police.

The police have registered a case of outraging the modesty of a woman and intentional insult against unidentified men. “The police have not added robbery charges to the FIR registered,” the victim said.

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