Jia Khan case: Sooraj Pancholi says he had gone “completly numb” in Anda Cell

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Actor Sooraj Pancholi has revealed how tough it was for him spending time in jail. Recollecting the one month he spent in jail in the Jiah Khan suicide case, Sooraj has said that he had gone “completely numb”.

It’s been six years since Jiah Khan committed suicide. While the world may have moved on since then, the episode still haunts Sooraj and Jiah’s family. Sooraj Pancholi was once in relationship with the Houseful actress. When Jiah Khan committed suicide, severe allegations were allegations leveled against Sooraj Pancholi.

In his interview to Pinkvilla.com, Sooraj Pancholi has said he was “completely numb” in jail. Sooraj had accompanied his mother Zarina Wahab for the interview. He said, “I was put in the Anda cell at the Arthur Road jail which is the most secluded cell. You have no contact with anyone and you don’t even get newspapers. I was completely numb. At that point, nothing mattered. All that I kept thinking was that I lost someone who I loved.”

The case is still sub-judice in a Special Women’s court. Jiah’s mother Rabiya Khan has accused the Hero actor of serious criminal offences but the Pancholis had maintained a stoic silence on the issue ever since.

Sooraj Pancholi has appeared for every hearing in the case. He rues the role played by the media in painting him in wrong colours. He said, “I have actually been silent because I respect that family. I respect what the family has been through. But the media has become very irresponsible. They only care about their TRPs. There are times when I’m in court and things have been in my favour and a lot of journalists were there. I asked them, “Will you write this?” They told me they won’t because it’s a positive story and it won’t track. It’s unfair but I also believe in time.”

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