Kedarnath review: Sara-Sushant pairing steals the show

kedarnath review

Movie Review

Title: – Kedarnath

Genre: – Romance – Thriller

2h 25 min

Stars: – 3/5

Cast: – Sara Ali Khan (Mukku), Sushant Singh Rajpoot (Mansoor) and Min Sarwar

Directed by: – Abhishek Kapoor


Well, the story opens up with Mukku (Sara Ali Khan) who is a jovial young pretty cheerful girl.  Mukku is the daughter of a priest. The story took a turn when Mukku falls in love with a local ‘pithu’ Mansoor ( Sushant Singh Rajpoot) who is Muslim.

Then comes the tragedy and the subsequent climax.

The scenic beauty of Uttrakhand gives a visual treat to the audience. The way the sharp mountains, beautiful river, and lush green lawns have been shown in the movie, one really can smell the soil of Uttarakhand while sitting in the movie theatre.

The mix of religion and strong diversity of India is beautifully portrayed in the movie. The movie Kedarnath has touched some big global issues such as commercialisation which destroys natural balance and leads to big tragedies.

The pair of Sushant Singh Rajpoot and Sara Ali Khan is very refreshing. The debut of Sara Ali Khan in the movie is a really strong point to spend your money on and she has truly done justice to the movie.

Added to the great presence onscreen, Sara Ali Khan has a solid grip over dialogue delivery.

Kedarnath movie will be majorly seen as a love story but the pace of the story went a little slow.

Coming to the songs of the movie, Kedarnath has a mix album including some beautiful songs some really serving the purpose. The song “sweetheart” sung by Dev Negi and music given by Amit Trivedi is a treat. The lyrics of the songs go to the credit of Amitabh Bhattacharya and is already on the hit playlist in the clubs.

Sara Ali Khan totally lights up the screen whereas Sushant supports her efforts completely. Kedarnath is wholly a good package which deserves 3 stars out of 5.

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