Koffee with Karan: When KL Rahul’s mom found condom in his room & Hardik Pandya conveniently tells parents about sex

Hardik Pandya, KL Rahul

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In the Koffee with Karan season 6, this Sunday host Karan Johar had two cricketers as guests. Young and fierce cricket stars, Hardik Pandya and KL Rahul were on the show.

Hardik was his usual self as he spoke about his affinity for the black culture. He also spoke about his sex life with much ease while KL was completely embarrassed listening.

When asked about his days in the school, he said he used to fail every year after Class 2. However, the school helped him pass to maintain their pass ratio. He said he would often just write his name and roll number on the exam sheet. His teachers and parents knew he would do well in studies. Hardik said he hasn’t finished his education beyond Class 9.

Karan also asked KL Rahul about the embarrassing moment when his mother found a condom in his room when he was just 18. While his father did thrash him, he later praised him for practising safe sex.

Hardik joined the conversation saying that his parents are too cool about his sex life. He said he tells them on his own “Aaj karke aaya (I did it today).”

Karan couldn’t believe a family could be so easy about such things. Karan also asked them about their friendship and KL said people often get confused if the two are dating each other. Hardik joked that they usually go out looking for girls together but when they don’t find someone, people assume they are together.

Karan asked KL Rahul about his crush and he responded saying he did have one on Malaika Arora.

The host also asked KL about the time he scored a century in Miami and the cricketer said he was completely sizzled the night before. He said he had no idea that he would be in the team. Thus he went on with the party in Miami that night before the game. The next day, he was told he has made the cut and will be playing with the others. He ended up making a century even as the team lost by two runs.

In the rapid fire round, KL chose Virat Kohli over Sachin Tendulkar.

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