Koffee with Karan: Diljit Dosanjh confesses he made out with a girl in car

Koffee with Karan

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Producer-director Karan Johar began the Sunday episode of Koffee with Karan by confessing that he was girlie in his behaviour when it came to dressing. Karan Johar accepted that he is too fussy about his fashion choices, particularly shoes. He said he plans his outfits one day in advance and even lets the paparazzi know who are keen to click his pictures.

And in Diljit Dosanjh and Badshah, Karan found the best guest to understand him. The musicians and the film director are big fans of branded outfits and spent a huge chunk of the show talking about their love for attire.

The host began the show by talking about whether Diljit or Badshah expected their success and the first time they performed. Diljit spoke of an incident from his childhood when he was asked to sing at an event in his village. “I was a little boy in a vest and shorts and while I sang a couple of lines of a song, I forgot the rest of it.” Diljit said the villagers still didn’t make him feel bad.

Badshah recounted an episode from when he was 15. A man booked him for a small show after listening to him rap on the streets. While the audience loved his performance, he later realised that it was a crowd of gay men.

Diljit and Badshah also talked about their first meetings with Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan. Diljit said he met Salman while he was shooting next door and asked a crew member to introduce them. Diljit said he became an even bigger fan of the superstar when he met him. He kept staring at their selfie together and his mother told him to get it framed.

Shah Rukh often drops him to his car whenever he meets him

Badshah said that he was in awe of his idol Shah Rukh Khan, whom he met at a party. He said Shah Rukh served him food himself and still drops him to his car when he visits his home. He also said how it makes him sad when people say that Shah Rukh is simply acting to be nice. Badshah said that Shah Rukh is over 50 years and couldn’t have put up such an elaborate show for so many years.

Karan played a game with the two, in which they had to guess the designer judging by an outfit. Diljit won the game by a good margin. In another game, Diljit and Badshah had to take lassi shots if they were guilty of something. Karan asked them if they had been with more than nine women. While Diljit denied it, Badshah’s count ran into double digits.

Karan asked them if they had made out in a car or a farm, Badshah took the shot right away. Diljit, however, blushed a little but accepted that he had made out in a car. While Diljit denied being with two women at the same time, Badshah confessed he actually did go around with two women at a time.

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