Lara Dutta says, Sajid was rude and vulgar to her & co-stars

Sajid Khan

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In the wake of the MeToo Movement, here is another story which has unfolded. While B-town came out in complete support of all the victims, Lara Dutta too had expressed her sense of disbelief against the sexual perpetrators. Dutta’s husband, Mahesh Bhupathi, took to Twitter and lauded his wife’s move after Lara Dutta turned down an offer that she had received from accused Mukesh Chhabra’s company. It seems, Sajid tactfully was rude and vulgar depending upon how things were going.

If his demands were not met, seemingly, he would be rude or else be double-meaning or use ambiguity to look for his prey. He was rude and vulgar to Lara as well.

Speaking at an event, Mahesh Bhupathi spoke about director Sajid Khan and how his wife had seen Sajid being rude to her Housefull co-stars.

For all those who don’t know, Lara Dutta was part of 2010-film Housefull which was directed by Sajid Khan and while shooting for the film in London, Lara had witness Sajid being ‘rude, vulgar’ to her co-stars. While talking at an event, Mahesh said, “We were in London at that time. She would come home and her closest friend was her hair-dresser and they both would be complaining about how one of her co-stars was being mistreated by the director. Rude, vulgar,” adding, “I told her, ‘You guys are all complicit. All the four of you, who were in the film, were listening to what he was saying and not telling him it’s not ok. So, at some level you guys are complicit and she agreed.”

Earlier, Mahesh Bhupathi had penned a note on Twitter reprimanding all the Me Too accused and lauding his wife as he wrote, “Two days ago my wife, who’s shooting out of town, got an offer from a leading international digital platform through Mukesh Chhabra’s company. She forwarded it to me for my feedback. I asked if she really wanted to empower his company even after what’s been in the news. Her reaction was that the digital platform hadn’t really pulled back business from him either. Later, Lara got in touch with the digital platform and told them she wouldn’t accept work through this company specifically. I think she did the right thing. I am not sure it’s enough though.”


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