Mumbai businessman chases robbers on foot and recovers Rs 5 lakh

The Hush Post: In a dramatic chase, a Mumbai businessman chased thieves on foot and in a rickshaw and  recovered his bag containing Rs 5 lakh.

The case is being reported from suburban Borivali. The robbers numbering two distracted the businessman who was in a car and stole his bag containing the money.

With his nerves around him, the businessman decided to give the robbers a chase after getting off his car.

The businessman managed to catch one of the robbers Yasin Dhobi aged 27 years. But the second one managed to escape. The incident took place around 11.20am.

Dhobi, a native of Uttar Pradesh and his accomplice knocked on the window pane of the car of businessman Kiran Makwana on R M BHatt Road in Borivali (west).

One of the robbers distracted Makwana, while the other picked the bag with the RS 5 lakh cash and fled.

Makwana jumped out of his car and decided to give them a chase on foot.

Seeing this, the robbers boarded an autorickshaw. Makwana did the same and continued the chase.

Some onlookers alerted a patrolling party nearby and the police too decided to chase the robbers in a third autorickshaw.

The businessman eventually caught up with the robbers. With the help of some people, the police also managed to nab Dhobi. His accomplice managed to escape in the fracas. Luckily for the businessman the bag with the money was with Dhobi.

The police is investigating the case as Dhobi seems to be part of gang which robs people in crowded places.

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