Feeding stray dogs can land you up in court | Woman fined Rs 3.60 lakh for feeding stray dogs

stray dogs

The Hush Post| 10:39 pm |one-minute-read |

Woman fined for feeding stray dogs? That’s true. Recently in Mumbai’s Kandivali, a hefty fine of ₹3,60,000 was imposed on a woman resident of a housing society for feeding stray dogs in the society premises. Authorities said, “Around 98% of the society members had passed the resolution to levy fine for feeding dogs in the society premises,”.  They further added, “These dogs are aggressive and they bark at senior citizens, kids….There’s a problem with hygiene too.”

It’s not just one stray incident, it is a norm in India. Call it love for animals, religious compulsion or just getting rid of leftover, feeding stray dogs or animals has always been a tradition in India. People have been feeding stray animals for eons. Sometimes out of generosity, but other times out of compulsion to get rid of the evil. In Indian mythology most of the animals are associated with certain Gods and feeding them means getting away with the hurdles and showering good luck on you.

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