Mike Tyson is in India & he needs a bodyguard

Mike Tyson

The Hush Post: Mike Tyson is in India and his bodyguard during his stay in India is Shera, the personal bodyguard of Salman Khan. In the videos of his arrival in Mumbai, he was greeted by loud cheering fans.

In the videos, we can see Shera pacing ahead of Tyson’s arrival, trying to keep the crowds at bay. When the boxer exits the terminal, he is immediately confronted by the fans. Though, Shera can be seen keeping them at a distance. The two then make their way to a waiting car and drive away.

Tyson is in India to inaugurate Kumite 1 League at the National Sports Club of India in Worli.

Ahead of his arrival, Shera spoke about taking Salman’s permission before accepting the job. He says, he took Salman’s permission before taking this responsibility. “I work exclusively for him and Bhai is always my first priority. I spoke to him and he gave me a go-ahead as he isn’t shooting for a film and will be busy with his (reality show) Bigg Boss so it is manageable,” he told Mumbai Mirror.

“This is Mike Tyson’s first trip to India and we are going to make sure he is comfortable. I’m personally taking care of him. And I will be stationed at his hotel in suburban Mumbai through the duration of his stay. We have done a recce of all the places he will be travelling too, including a mall, the location of his dinner with a select group and the after party,” he continued.

Earlier, Shera has handled security for international celebrities such as Michael Jackson, Will Smith, and Justin Bieber, who visited India for his first concert recently.

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