Woman asks waiter for a knife to cut her anniversary cake, the waiter attacks her with it


The Hush Post |9:39 am |one-minute-read

A 23-year-old waiter Nishant Gowda attacked a woman with a knife after she asked for it to cut her wedding anniversary cake.

The Andheri police on Sunday arrested Nishant, for allegedly attacking a woman with a knife.

Thirty-year-old Farzana Mirat, an NRI, who was celebrating her wedding anniversary, suffered a deep cut on her neck.

According to the police, Farzana had come to India from South Africa on Sunday morning. She was supposed to leave for Porbandar for a wedding later.

She had gone to the hotel at JB Nagar with her mother on Sunday. “It was Mirat’s marriage anniversary. She ordered for a couple of things and called the waiter a couple of times. Then she ordered for a cake,” said an officer.

However, Gowda brought only the cake, without the knife. She then asked Gowda to get her a knife quickly. The police said the way she ordered Gowda probably irked him. He did not say anything initially. “Gowda then returned with the knife, and instead of giving it to Farzana, he attacked her with it, leaving her with a cut. Mirat was in a state of shock,” said the officer.

The police then arrested the accused and a case was registered under section 326 of the IPC. Deputy Commissioner of Police, Zone 10, Navinchandra Reddy confirmed the incident.

Police has taken Farzana Mirat’s and her mother’s statements and are investigating the case further.

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