Life-threatening: Nose-ear bleed to passengers on Jet Airways flight due to negligence of crew; WATCH VIDEO

nose,ear bleed on jet airways flight


The Hush Post: Passengers on Jet Airways flight 9W 697 that took off from Mumbai for Jaipur had a difficult time on board today. Over 30 passengers complained of nose-bleed and many suffered headaches as the cabin pressure plunged mid-air.

As a result, the flight, with 166 passengers, had to return shortly after take off. As air pressure fell, oxygen masks came down. A miniscule yet life-threatening error of not switching on a particular button by the cockpit crew had led to a drop in cabin pressure.

“The crew did not select the bleed switch as a result of which cabin pressurisation could not be maintained,” a DGCA officer told news agency PTI.

Aviation experts said the loss of cabin pressurisation is a serious emergency in an aircraft mid-air.  Loss of cabin air pressure reduces flow of oxygen across lung tissue and into the bloodstream. A significant reduction would cause a serious condition known as hypoxia.

Meanwhile, in a statement Jet Airways said the erring cockpit crew had been “taken off scheduled duties”.

The affected passengers were taken to the airport terminal where doctors administered first aid.

A passenger on board tweeted a video of the moment. This is not the first time such a thing has happened in the avation industry in India. Many a goof up have happened in the past as well resulting in embarrassment to various airlines carriers.

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