“Once a male friend grabbed my breast at an airport”, says Pooja Bhatt

Pooja Bhatt
Pooja Bhatt

The Hush Post: As the #Metoo movement has reached India, more and more Bollywood female personalities are coming forward. Recently, Bollywood actress Tanushree Dutta had accused ace actor Nana Patekar of trying to molest her in 2008. Now, another actress and filmmaker Pooja Bhatt has said that once a male friend of her had grabbed her breast.

Now more and more angry Bollywood women are coming out to reveal how they were sexually harassed by “renowned” people. And it appears to be India’s own #Metoo movement, a report said.

Actress and filmmaker Pooja Bhatt has revealed that how once a male friend grabbed her breast at an airport. She said this while speaking at the India Today Conclave East 2018.

Pooja Bhatt said: “You’re imagining an enemy out there when the enemy will be sitting right next to you.” Mahesh Bhatt’s daughter said the women need to be smart, aware, and to be able to confront the attackers.

The filmmaker revealed how she was in a relationship with a boyfriend who was an alcoholic. Pooja Bhatt said when she stood against him, the Bollywood people asked why she was washing her dirty linen in public. She emphasised that women need to speak up. She also defended Tanushree Dutta, who has accused Nana Patekar of harassment on the sets of “Horn Ok Please” film. Pooja Bhatt said Tanushree is allowed to speak up and if she is sure about truth she should move the court.

A report by India Today said that Pooja Bhatt also claimed that Bollywood shows allegiance at weddings and funerals. But not when you are going through the fire, she said. The filmmaker said if you are looking up for support in Bollywood, it means you are setting yourself for devastation.

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