Bike-borne woman fell off & is crushed under rear tyre of bus in Mumbai (WATCH VIDEO)

Pothole on road claims Mumbai woman’s wife
A grab of the CCTV footage of the incident.

The incident was reported from Kalyan near Mumbai and was caught on CCTV camera

The Hush Post: In a shocking incident, a woman overrun by a bus after she fell down from a bike which lost balance after hitting a pothole in a rainwater submerged road in Kalyan near Mumbai on Sunday.

The shocking incident was caught on CCTV camera. The victim has been identified as Manisha Bhoir. She used to work at a school in Thane’s Kalyan. Manisha Bhoir was reportedly going home with a family member on Sunday evening when she met with an accident. The CCTV video footage, Manisha Bhoir can be seen riding pillion holding an umbrella in the rain, a report said.

After hitting a pothole, the two-wheeler lost the balance and fell down on the rainwater submerged road in Shivaji Chowk of Kalyan. Manisha Bhoir and the man who was driving the bike fell off the two-wheeler to their right side, the CCTV footage shows.

In no time, the rear wheels of a speeding bus ran over Manisha Bhoir. As her male companion and the people present on the spot rushed to pull her out, the bus inched forward, further crushing her. Manisha Bhoir died on the spot, it was reported.

Due to incessant rain in Mumbai, a number of roads were waterlogged and rail tracks submerged at some places and the suburbs since Saturday night. Kalyan and many areas in Thane were flooded, the report said.

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