Sampat Nehra had carried recce to Galaxy Apartment, taken pics, to assassinate Salman


The Hush Post: There was a plan to assassinate none other than Bollywood Superstar Salman Khan. Salman was on the radar of Lawrence Bishnoi gang and had also threatened him while Salman was recently lodged in Jodhpur Jail.

The most trusted man of Bishnoi, Sampat Nehra had even gone to Mumbai to survey the Galaxy Apartments where Salman lives.  He took note of the daily movements of Salman in order to plan an orderly attack on the superstar.

Apart from Salman, there were six more people from Haryana including few members of rival gang on Nehra’s assassination list.

Nehra had already carried out the first round of surveillance in the first week of May. Now he was planning to carry out another round of survey in Mumbai before he would have finally committed the crime. After that, he had thought that he would escape from the country.

“In the first week of May, Sampat Nehra was in Mumbai and surveyed the house of Salman Khan and the timing when he comes out in the balcony of his house to wave to his fans. He tried to find out the distance to the balcony and had even taken few photographs of the house,” said DIG of Haryana STF Satheesh Balan.

At present, Bishnoi is in Jodhpur jail and is operating the gang from there. “Nehra, who happens to be a follower of Lawrence, was acting on the direction of the gang leader,” said Balan adding that the gang had links abroad as well. However pending investigations, he did not reveal the names of the countries. Nehra has been getting money from foreign countries through hawala on the direction of Lawrence.

Lawrence was the man who arranges everything right from money, guns and logistics to execute the crime. “In case Lawrence was not available on phone, Nehra used to make calls on foreign numbers and get money whenever he needed,” said Balan, adding that apart from Salman Khan.

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