Salman Khan gets death threat on Facebook wall of SOPU

Salman Khan death threat

The Hush Post| 10:14 pm|one-minute-read|

Actor Salman Khan has been once again threatened with dire consequences in a social media post, and this time it has appeared on the Facebook wall of Student Organisation of Punjab University (Sopu), on September 16.

The police have initiated an investigation after the post went viral.

“The police are on alert. We also gave proper security to the celebrity when he came here for hearing previously. An investigation has been initiated,” said DCP Dharmendra Yadav.

The post has appeared just before Salman’s hearing on September 27 in the blackbuck killing case.

During the last hearing, the court had made it clear that if Salman Khan failed to appear before it on September 27 his bail could be cancelled.

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