School girl’s skirt lifted in Commando 3 is extreme case of insensitivity by Censor Board and movie makers

commando 3
The Hush Post| 1:48 pm|one-minute-read|
Commando 3 has released and in terms of indecency it takes the cake.
In the movie, a school girl’s skirt is lifted by a man in a langot and her friends watch in horror. Not just that many spineless men at an arm’s length put their heads down or the other way and the girl’s thighs are exposed.
This is when in the movie, enters the hero Mr Vidyut Jammwal, kicks hard and sends the offender flying.
The scene in question is extremely shameful. And imagine, the makers uploaded it last night online publicising it as Vidyut’s introductory scene! Where did the real-life ‘herogiri’ disappear in this? asks a critic.
How could the director Aditya Datt depict a schoolgirl in such a shocking state. Couldn’t he have avoided it? Entry scenes of heroes in action films are often written with an episode not related to the story. But at least, Vidyut could have butted in to tell Datt to have something different. As a hero, he too has an equal responsibility doesn’t he? asks another expert.
What was the Censor Board doing? How could such a disturbing scene, and mind you one that has no connection to the story, escape the Censor Board?
After Kabir Singh’s release and subsequent outrage over objectionable scenes this one takes the cake in the real sense of the word.

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