Sonu Nigam admitted in ICU at Nanavati Mumbai

Sonu Nigam

The Hush Post|18:10 pm |one-minute-read

Singer Sonu Nigam was admitted to ICU at Nanavati Hospital in Mumbai for a severe allergic reaction to seafood. The singer, who was back on his feet in time for a concert in Orissa on Tuesday, advised fans to “never ever take a chance with allergies”.

Sonu Nigam took to Instagram to share his pictures from the ICU. While one was a selfie showing that his eye was swollen, the other showed him lying on a hospital bed wearing an oxygen mask.

“Thanks for your concern and love. Now that you know that I am returning back from Jeypore Orissa after managing a concert last night, I now don’t mind sharing how I was the day before yesterday,” he wrote.

“Lesson for all of us, never ever ever ever take a chance with allergies. Sea-food in my case. If Nanavati Hospital wasn’t nearby, my trachea would have swollen up further and lead to asphyxiation,” Sonu revealed, wishing his fans and well-wishers a “happy and healthy life”.

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