Stray Cow walks into classroom at IIT Bombay on first floor| Watch Video

The Hush Post|12:30 pm|1-min-read

The students at the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IIT-B) were surprised, well also shocked, when a stray cow walked into their classroom mid-session. The purported incident is said to be of Saturday. Though, the clarity of date is an issue.

The incident supposedly occurred when the students were busy taking a test in one of the lecture halls on the first floor of the Lecture Hall Complex building. The moment was captured on video and has gone viral. It shows the cow strolling through a classroom as a few students try to drive it away. Here’s the video:

However, authorities at the premier institute have not authenticated the clip. But, several students confirmed that it was shot inside the campus.

An IIT-B spokesperson said, “The video could very well be from any IIT or other institute for that matter. There’s no date on it, so it could be an old video”.







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