Alok Nath named but what about the bigger Alok Naths of Bollywood who exploited top actresses?

Bollywood's MeToo

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The credit of India’s MeToo goes to Tanushree Datta followed by Vinta Nanda who named Alok Nath and others. However, many among them have left all of us guessing: Like Soni Razdan, says she was ‘almost raped’ but refused to name the almost-rapist, saying that he has family and kids.

Shouldn’t the world know this dreadful man who pounced on these ladies and could be a potential threat to women in future as well. As veteran film writer Subhash Jha puts it: “Some of them are married, have families to think about. Others have moved on and given a closure to their brutal experiences.”

Diluting the irreparable damage of a sexual assault, the big names are quiet because they have everything to lose

Swara Bhaskar recently said she won’t name (and shame) the director who hounded her on a long outdoor shoot because “he isn’t doing anything.”

This means that if he was successful, it would become a fit case to pull him down for wrongdoings? This logic works with the A-list actresses who have made it big and see no reason to dig up dirt from their past.

“What is the point?” a top leading lady asked a journalist when he advised her to out her harasser. “He was a force to reckon with back then. Now he’s anonymous. I am successful. Karma has evened out the odds. Why add spice to the media reportage? They are already enjoying themselves calling out big names.”

Sushmita Sen and Bipasha Sen are two leading ladies who had hugely traumatising experiences on the sets of two films. Both the ladies now have only one thing to say — Forget it.

Diluting the irreparable damage of a sexual assault, the big names in the Indian entertainment business are quiet because they have everything to lose.

A veteran producer who has seen Bollywood from inside confesses to associating with several starlets, feels there is a very thin line between consensual sex and violation when it comes to the activities on the casting couch.

A beautiful young foreigner, now a top star, was in relationship with one main primary accused in the MeToo movement

“Girls are very clear about what they want and how they get it. Many of them become big stars and clearly put their compromised pasts behind them,” says the producer. Many heroines who are in the top league today were known to have been sexually compromised by many bigwigs.

“One of today’s biggest names globally was said to be exploited by a powerful father and son duo in Bollywood. She would never speak about them. She knew what she was doing, and why. Those women who are today talking in the MeToo movement are the ones who made that compromise and still didn’t get anywhere,” a producer was quoted as saying in Zee News.

A beautiful young foreigner, now one of the top stars, was in a relationship with one of the main accused in the MeToo movement. Sources close to the actress say, she had seen it all. She kept quiet then. She’s keeping quiet now.

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