Vikas Gupta took drugs to enhance performance in Khatron Ke Khiladi | Was disqualified


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Television producer, mastermind of the reality show Bigg Boss 11, Vikas Gupta contestant of ‘Khatron Ke Khiladi 9’ has been disqualified after host Rohit Shetty found out that he had been secretly taking pain killers during the show. While shooting the stunts, the contestants have to refrain from taking any medications and if they are taking any, they have to let the makers know.

However, in the latest promo of the show, it was revealed that Vikas Gupta took drugs during the show. In the promo, we can see Rohit Shetty getting extremely furious on Vikas and can be seen shouting at him.

As a consequence of that, Vikas was asked to leave the show just a couple of weeks before the finale. He was one of the top contenders on the show. But, his simple mistake of taking drugs, put him in major trouble. He could have been one of the top three contenders of the show.

In an interview with Times of India, Vikas said, “I have been suffering from a shoulder injury for more than 2 years now. During the helicopter jump stunt, I aggravated the nerve pain again. I was taking a pain killers to subdue the pain in the nerves. I didn’t inform the team of Fear Factor about the injury.”

“The pain killers also increase your heart rate, which while doing stunts can even go higher resulting in major health risks, which even I wasn’t aware of. Yes, I was disqualified from the show and rightfully so. It was a stupid thing to hide the injury. With the telecast I am hearing another round of reprimanding from my mom all over again.”






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