A woman lands up to marry Salman Khan at Galaxy Apartments

Salman khan

The Hush Post: A mentally challenged woman from Uttarakhand went to Mumbai because she “wanted to marry Bollywood superstar Salman Khan.” As per report, the 24-year-old woman was handed over by city police to her family on Wednesday.

The woman had left her home on August 11 and after reaching Mumbai, she went to Galaxy Apartments in Bandra where Mr Khan resides, but security guards did not allow her to go inside. Later, she was spotted by many people walking aimlessly on a bridge on the Eastern Freeway and alerted police.

According to police sub-inspector Narayan Tarkunde, the Sewri police took her in custody and sent her for medical examination. After the medical examination, doctors found that she suffers from a mental ailment, after which the police started to find out her family.

Initially she said that she had come to Mumbai to marry Salman Khan, but on August 29, she revealed a few phone numbers. Out of which the police got the number of her father, who was then contacted.

The next day, her father reached Mumbai and after due verification she was handed over to him.


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