Pet saves doctor’s life in Pune after the doc has paralytic & cardiac arrest

The Hush Post | 13:05 | One-minute read 

In yet another incident of dog’s love for its human friend, a doctor’s life was saved in Pune. 65-year-old doctor Ramesh Sancheti might have died if his pet bitch ‘Brownie’ would not have alerted the neighbour, Amit Shah.

The doctor suffered a partial paralytic attack and later a minor cardiac attack on January 23. When neighbour Amit Shah tried to feed Brownie that day around 12:30 pm, she refused to have lunch.

Brownie kept walking to Sancheti’s bedroom window, according to Sancheti’s alert neighbour. Seeing this weird behavior of the bitch, Shah sensed something wrong. When he peeped inside the bedroom through a gap in the window, he found that doctor Sancheti was lying inside on the floor.

Amit Shah then broke open the door and rushed Sancheti to the hospital. Shah said, “She had kept raising up with difficulty and placing her front legs on the window, looking inside. I was quiet confused initially, but when I went nearer, a gap in the window revealed to me that the doctor had collapsed on the floor.’’

Sancheti was all alone in the home when he suffered the attack. His wife was in Mumbai, son was in Baydhan, near Pune, and daughter was in the US. Brownie was adopted by both neighbors, Sancheti and Shah, when she was a pup.

Shah further added that two years back Brownie had suffered 50 percent kidney failure, that time Sancheti had taken special care of her. “It probably might be Brownie’s act of gratitude that she saved doctor Sancheti’s life,” he said.


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