Commander with Indian Navy used to morph nude pics of wife, other woman on Google Photo app, booked

Navy Commander booked

The Hush Post| 18:13pm |one-minute-read

A 39-year-old commander of the Indian Navy has been booked by the police for uploading nude photographs of his wife and other women on a Google app.

The woman, who happens to be a former Army captain, said that her husband was addicted to porn. Sometime after marriage, she found out that her husband had an incessant urge to watch porn and morph photographs.

Initially, she tried to compromise thinking that it will have an adverse effect on children. She also informed her in-laws about this habit of his. They too tried to intervene and address the issue. The accused was taken to a counsellor. He also realised his addiction was creating rift in his married life. He seemed repentant as well.

However, later he reverted to the same old habits. But this time round, a colleague of the accused confronted her and said that he had an extra marital relationship with his wife.

She immediately moved to Pune to her mother’s place and filed for a divorce. She also found out that in her husband’s mobile were nude and morphed  pictures of hers as well as that of other women.

A case has been registered against the commander under section 509 of the IPC and under Section 67 of the IT Act (publishing and transferring objectionable material).

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