A 54-year-old man beaten to death for Re 1

A man killed for Re one in Thane.
representative image

The Hush Post:  Ever heard of someone being killed for Re one in this day and age! A 54-year old man in Thane was beaten to death in broad daylight after an argument over Re 1 which became more serious later. The incident took place late last night when the victim, Manohar Gamne went to buy eggs at a shop in Rambaugh.  Gamne allegedly paid Re 1 less than the price of the eggs to the shopkeeper. As a result of this, there was argument between the two. The shopkeeper allegedly argued with him and abused him. This irritated him further as a result of which Gamne later returned with his son. This led to another round of argument and abuse. At this point the shopkeeper’s son started beating up Gamne till he died. The accused, is a 45-year-old Sudhkar Prabhu who has been arrested.

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