Pune woman finds hidden camera in ladies toilet, shares it on Instagram

The Hush Post/ 07:25pm / 1-min-read

A woman in Pune found a camera hidden inside a toilet at a cafe and posted the matter on Instagram. The incident happened three days ago.

Screenshots of her Instagram stories have gone massively viral, leaving readers shocked. The woman revealed in her post that said she visited Cafe BeHive in the Hinjawadi area of Pune. She spotted the camera in their toilet. She said that the cafe management, when informed about the camera, secretly removed it.

“On addressing this issue to the management, they asked us to wait outside and the camera was gone within 10 minutes,” the woman wrote, sharing a picture of the camera.

A Twitter thread detailing the incident has also gone viral online. According to the thread, when the complainant refused to budge, the cafe management “tried to bribe them” and even deleted a review they left on Zomato.Image result for Pune woman finds hidden camera in ladies toilet

The Pune Police offered her help in filing an official complaint after seeing her post in the Internet. The Pune police also responded after actor Richa Chaddha tweeted on the same incident. 

The Pune Police said that the matter has been forwarded to the local police station for “necessary action”.

According to one screenshot posted on Twitter, Cafe BeHive said it is “aware of the situation” and apologised for it.

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