“Major Handa was abusive towards his wife, would seek false sympathies from my wife,” Major Dwivedi; WATCH VIDEO

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The Hush Post: New facts are slowly emerging about murder-accused Major Nikhil Handa following the death of Army officer’s wife Shailza Dwivedi.

Major Handa was abusive towards his wife, used to seek sympathy from Shailza Dwivedi on false emotional grounds, illnesses all in order to trap her emotionally.

“In fact, I told my wife that something is not right with this guy. He is unnecessarily trying to be close,” Major Dwivedi said.

Major Amit Dwivedi in an interviewed has said that he was always suspicious of Major Nikhil Handa. He would try to be playful with my son, try to be extra kind, which was sure sign of the fact that he wanted to be closer to my wife,” said Major Amit Dwivedi. At the same time, he has categorically denied there was any relationship between Shailza and Major Handa. “It was a one-sided pursuit,” Major Amit said.

In the hindsight, Major Dwivedi says, he should not have let him enter his life right at the beginning when we came to know each other six months ago. “He is a cheap person. I remember he used to abuse his wife publically and I would feel so odd in the midst of it and could do nothing about it,” said Major Dwivedi.

“We have our differences with our spouses but we all respect our wives and they are our pride. Publically, we don’t use the kind of language Major Handa would with his wife,” said Major Dwivedi.

He used to seek sympathy and try to enter our lives. Once he told Shailza about some cancer his father was suffering so “My wife took it seriously and since she too had lost her dad she told him that things are going to be fine soon,” said Major Dwivedi.

Dwivedi is suspicious of the fact that he may have tried to molest her on that fateful day. She resisted something that particular day which became the reason for her killing. Dwivedi clarifies after all, why did she get killed because she resisted his advances. (The excerpts are from an interview with News 18)


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