Are you a make-up freak? READ new must-have products in your make-up kit!

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As change is a constant, with time a girl’s make-up kit has also changed. We girls need to be updated with new rules of make-up to restyle well.

These are some of the products which can be called as hash tag cool make-up products for women.


Gone are the days when you need to take a bowl and do the mixing and blending to make a pack. Back then, it was so messy. Now it is very easy with the help of face-mask sheets. Just open and keep it on your face, there you get to go!


If you want to correct your spots on the face then these tapes are the best method to do that. These are easy to use, you definitely don’t need any beauty blender or brush to get that liquid layer on your face instead it’s much easy and                                                                    convenient.


With global warming, summers have become a bit too harsh. Face Mist can come to your rescue, we still move out in the sun and it is difficult to keep yourself refreshed all day. So, you just need to spray face mist on our face and keep going strong.


New generations are done with carrying large deodorants bottles in the handbags which burden your shoulder. Everything is becoming compact  now. Here we are with compact deodorants. They are easy to keep in a bag or they even fit in your pockets.


Just color your lips with these easy to glide lip crayons. Now applying lipsticks is not that tough, it is made easier with lip crayons which are available in many brands.


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