Malaysia asks women to “avoid nagging” their husbands and “wear make up at home” during coronavirus lockdown

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As coronavirus continues to affect thousands of people every day, billions of people are under lockdown. People are locked inside the four walls of their houses.

In these circumstances, all sorts of memes are doing rounds. Some memes even misogynistically suggest that men are having the hardest time staying home with their wives. The Malaysian government, it seems, believes the same and come up for the “rescue” of men.

The government in Malaysia has come up with some ‘guidelines’ for couples in these trying circumstances, especially for women. The outright sexist steps ask women to “Put make-up on. Avoid nagging. Speak in a squeaky cartoon cat voice.

Malaysian government had enforced a nation-wide lockdown on March 18. It has ever since issued a series of infographic coronavirus advisories for women. The online posters contain a variety of tips for women on how to deal with the lockdown and ensure a happy home life with their husbands or partners and avoid arguments and discord.

One such poster urges women to “avoid nagging”.

In another poster a man is sitting on a sofa, and it asks women to not be “sarcastic” when seeking help form their husbands or partners.

Other posters advised women to put make-up on and dress in smart clothes rather than casuals while working from home. Another offensive one asked women to imitate the squeaky voice of popular cartoon cat Doraemon while speaking at home.

The posters were released with the hashtag #WomenPreventCOVID19.

The state government has deleted the posters after women’s rights organisations from across the world blasted it. Malaysians too have called the posters deeply sexist.

Many on social media also wondered how wearing makeup and keeping their husbands happy would help women prevent coronavirus.


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