MJ Akbar’s wife Mallika: Pallavi Gogoi used to dance & dine at our place & I felt hurt, it was consensual affair between Pallavi & MJ

MJ Akbar

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Former Union minister and Editor MJ Akbar’s wife Mallika Akbar finally broke her silence on the allegations of sexual misconduct against her husband.

On Friday, Mallika said that the allegations of rape and sexual harassment made by US-based journalist Pallavi Gogoi against his husband are false. This is for the first time that Akbar’s wife has reacted to an allegation against him. Akbar has been accused of sexual harassment by more than a dozen women.

Mallika Akbar said that her husband had cheated on her with Pallavi Gogoi, who “caused unhappiness and discord” in the Akbars’ home. She said that Akbar chose his family after she opposed his extra-marital relationship with Pallavi.

Meanwhile, Akbar denied the rape allegations and said that he and Pallavi were in a “consensual relationship that continued several months”. This “consensual relationship ended, perhaps not on best note,” Akbar said.

Pallavi Gogoi allegations

Pallavi Gogoi was the editor at  The Asian Age at the time of the alleged rape. She was 23.  Pallavi said that the rape took place in a hotel in Jaipur. She said, “He ripped off my clothes and raped me”.

The Washington Post, which published Pallavi’s account, reached out to MJ Akbar’s lawyer seeking comment on the fresh allegations. “My client states that these allegations are false and expressly denied,” the lawyer — Sandeep Kapur — was quoted as saying.

 Pallavi Gogoi said

Akbar used to routinely abuse his team, but that was fine, Pallavi writes. “So I took all the verbal abuse. After all, I was learning from the best,” she writes.

In the year 1994, Pallavi, then the editor of the Asian Age’s op-ed page, went into Akbar’s cabin at the newspaper’s New Delhi office. There, while praising her work, Akbar “suddenly lunged to kiss me,” Pallavi writes. In his hotel room, even though I fought him, he was physically more powerful. He ripped off my clothes and raped me. And things, it seems, got even worse.

“His grip over me got tighter. I stopped fighting his advances because I felt so helpless. For a few months, he continued to defile me sexually, verbally, emotionally,” Pallavi writes. After the incident, she says that she “stopped fighting his advances”. “He continued to coerce me. For a few months, he continued to defile me sexually, verbally, emotionally,” she said.



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