Mallya wrote to Narendra Modi in 2016, says he was made poster boy of bank default READ LETTER

The Hush Post: Fugitive tycoon Vijay Mallya has released a letter addressed to Prime Minister Narendra Modi in which he has said that he was “making every effort” to settle his dues to banks.

“I wrote letters to both the Prime Minister and the Finance Minister on 15th April 2016 and am making these letters public to put things in the right perspective. No response was received from either of them,” Mallya said in a statement from the UK.
“I respectfully say that I have made and continue to make every effort, in good faith to settle with the Public Sector Banks. If politically motivated extraneous factors interfere, there is nothing that I can do,” he wrote.

“ I am pained to see that I have become the poster boy of all bank defaults…I have also become a political pawn,” he wrote in his  six-page letter.

Mallaya escaped to the UK in 2016 and has been fighting against any moves to extradite him to India to face trial.
The 62-year-old The liquor baron is wanted in India for defaulting on loans worth crores and also in a money-laundering case. He took a flight out of India just when a group of banks launched efforts to recover around Rs 9,000 crore from him. He was arrested in the UK last year on an extradition warrant.

Mallaya’s letter to Narendra Modi



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