Man caught kissing on camera during football match by partner | WATCH VIDEO

Man kissing on camera

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A man was watching a football match and was caught on camera kissing and smooching. His partner/wife came to know when she too saw the footage and now he is asking for forgiveness.

Deyvi Andrade, was caught on ‘Kiss Cam’ during a recent football match between Barcelona FC and Delfin SC in Ecuador. He has issued a statement in a series of posts on Facebook and Instagram. He admitted that he was cheating on the love of his life. The man has been identified as Deyvi Andrade.

Andrade was caught having a good time with a girl next to him. But as soon as he realised that it was being beamed live on the big screen and televisions all around the world, he reacted awkwardly, distancing himself from the girl.

On Monday, Andrade took to Instagram to admit that he was cheating on her partner, asking her to come back in his life.

“I want to go back to living these moments by your side my lovely, I am really sorry and this is why I’ve come out in public to comment on this nonsense, so I can ask you to forgive me here on Instagram. I’m so confused but I want to get you back #forgiveme #Iloveyou #comeback,” he said in an Instagram post translated from Spanish.

On Facebook, Andrade slammed his critics for causing “psychological damage”, asking strength from god.

“I’m going to defend my honour and my pride as a man until the end… We all fail and we all repent, thank you to those who have invited me to church. And if I go it is so I can heal my family,” he said.

“No one is going to be able to damage my image. God is big and strong and these women who are criticising me, I know too have cheated but they still comment.

“You’ve already destroyed my relationship, what more do you want? I hope this doesn’t serve you in any way because you are only hurting a son of God.”

“You don’t know the psychological damage you have caused with your hatred directed at me. Everyone fails and we can forgive from our hearts. God give me strength!” Andrade added.



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