Man chewed-off finger tip of Congress leader, who claimed the accused is BJP worker

Man chews off finger tip

The Hush Post|11:43 pm|one-minute-read|

A man chewed-off finger tip of a Congress leader in Nainital, Uttarakhand on Friday. The accused the victim-Congressman claimed was BJP supporter.

The incident took place when he was selling onions at a cheap price to protest their high price. A case has been registered against the man who chewed-off the finger tip of the Congress leader. The BJP has however distanced the accused from its party.

Congress district general secretary Nandan Mehra said he was trying to calm one Manish Bisht, who was hurling abuses at the protesting party men.

“He (Bisht) somehow got hold of my finger and chewed off its tip causing it to bleed. Meanwhile, some of the party members called the police which nabbed him,” Mehra said.

Vice president of Congress Sevadal Ramesh Goswami said Bisht was shouting slogans and abusing. He even misbehaved with women workers of the party selling onions at Rs 30/kg at town’s Buddha Park area when Mehra intervened.

“I was just trying to calm him down,” Mehra agrred before adding, “He was definitely a BJP member disrupting our protest by such despicable means.”

A video of the incident, however, shows Congress members were also pushing and shoving the man. The video, however, doesn’t fully capture the events which led to the fight.

Haldwani police station SHO Vikram Rathore said initial investigation suggest Bisht was either drunk or had taken drugs. BJP district president Pradeep Bisht denied Manish was linked to the BJP.



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