Man commits suicide, seven ‘wives’ lay claim on body

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This is a situation in which a man won’t like to be in, even after death. But for a 40-year-old man of Haridwar, the worst fears came out to be true after he committed suicide. Or, for that matter, his fears might have been the real reason for the extreme step he took.

Pawan committed suicide on Sunday. It wasn’t easy for the Haridwar police to lay his body and soul to rest, lest it first dealt with a mind boggling situation. Five women came forward and laid claim over Pawan’s body. All the five claimed to be Pawan’s wives and said they had no idea of any other woman in his life.

A perplexed Haridwar police didn’t know what to do. After hours of drama, the police finally managed to cremate Pawan’s body. But as it again began pondering over the claims of the five women, two more women cropped up, laying the same claim.  Apprehending that more women could come forward, the police have stopped inquiry for now.

Pawan Kumar was resident of Ravidas Basti in the holy city. He was a driver by profession.  Police say Pawan consume poison on Sunday night. One of the claimant women had brought him to a private hospital but doctors were unable to save him. The woman did not reveal why Pawan took the extreme step.

Preliminary investigations suggest that Pawan was going through a financial crisis. Police say Pawan led a very low profile life and didn’t have many friends.


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