Man defecating in open picked by elephant, carried for 100 metres and then gets thrown

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In West Bengal’s Purulia district, a man who was relieving himself in open, has faced the anger of an elephant which not only wrap the farmer in his trunk but carried him away for over 100 feet also.

The man, who was identified as 55-year-old Niranjan Sahish, had stepped out of his home in Ghatbera village near Ayodhya Hills on Wednesday around 4 AM and gone to a nearby field to relieve himself. He heard the elephant approaching him but before he knew of it, the elephant had wrapped him around his trunk.

Further in the incident of man-animal conflict, the elephant dropped Sahish on the ground and disappeared into the forest. The helpless farmer was found lying in the field by forest department officials who took him to a primary health care centre and later he was taken to a hospital.

The doctor who treated Sahish said that the farmer’s back did not suffer severe injuries but the ones on his legs would take time to heal.

The forest officials said that the pachyderm may have entered the village in search of food and panicked when it came near the man who was relieving himself in the fields.

The officials further added that the villagers have been warned several times to avoid going near the forest as the village is on an elephant route and might result in man-animal conflict.


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