60-year-old man dies after mobile phone explodes in his pocket; Here are some safety measures

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A 60-year-old man died after a mobile phone exploded in his pocket. The incident took place at Netawalgarh Pachhli village in Chittorgarh, Rajasthan. The deceased, identified as Kishore Singh, went to bed with the mobile phone in his vest pocket. The incident occurred around 2.30am. The mobile phone exploded suddenly when the victim woke up, putting his clothes on flames. Before he could save himself, he suffered burn injuries. His wife immediately reported the incident to the police. He was rushed to the hospital, but was declared brought dead by the doctors.

This is not for the first time that we have heard of the phones exploding and causing harm.

 Safety measures of handling a mobile phone:

1) Do not put your mobile phone in your chest or vest pocket. If you do so, the upper part of the human’s body would be subject to injuries in case of a mobile explosion. Yet cellphone radiation is an another issue.

2) Do not put your mobile phone on charging over the night.

3) Do not charge your mobile near inflammable substances – on the bed, near a source of sunlight or near clothes.

4) Do not use the charger belonging to another phone for your mobile.

5) Use only the batteries made by the manufacturer of the mobile phone.

6) Avoid using power strip extension cord, cheap power banks and car charging adapters to charge your mobile phone.

7) Remove your phone cover before putting it under charge.

8) Do not use the mobile if it heats up.

9) Get your phone repaired at an authorised sevice centre so that the original parts of your device are protected.

10) While going to bed, do not place your mobile phone under your pillow. If you do so, then there are more chances of exerting pressure on the device. Moreover, the device may malfunction due to overheating.














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