Man falls off an airborne plane over London, dies

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A man died after falling from an airborne airplane in London skies on Sunday. His body was recovered from the lawns of a London guy. The man was sitting in his lawn when the body landed next to him

The victim is said to be an illegal immigrant who was hiding inside the landing gear compartment of the Kenya Airways. Immigrants normally hide in the said compartment to enter developed nations. The incident occurred when the 787 Boeing of the Kenya Airways was about to land at the Heathrow airport.

The police have recovered a bag, a water bottle and some food items from the landing gear compartment.

The victim fell off from a height of around 3500 feet into the lawn of the house, the landlord of which was taking a sunbath.

A friend of the landlord told The Sun that he had a narrow escape as the man landed just next to him.  The impact was so strong that the pathway leading to the lawn was shattered.

The body was badly disfigured on crash-landing on the ground.

Another neighbor said that the walls of the lawn were completely stained with blood when the man fell on ground. He said that such incidents have reported in the past too.

The Kenya Airways flight took off from Nairobi and crossed above the house around 3:30 pm on Sunday. The flight took a turn to land at the Heathrow airport at a speed of 200 mph 3500 feet above the ground.

It is still unclear if the man had died before landing on the ground.  If he would have been alive, he would have to survive deficiency of oxygen at -60 degrees centigrade for around 9 hours.


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