Man falls prey to refund fraud, loses Rs 61,000 for two pizzas

The Hush Post | 4:50 pm | Two-minute read

A man hailing from Ahmedabad was duped as he paying Rs 61000 for two pizzas to online fraud.

27-year-old Rushay Shah filed a complaint with the local police station saying that his Rs 60,885 were withdrawn by a man who impersonated himself as a customer service representative of a food delivery application.

According to the reports, Rushay had ordered two pizzas from his wife’s mobile number from an online food delivery app. But when he received the pizzas, he found them inedible. He contacted the helpline of the application but they did not answer his call. After a few minutes, he received a call from a man who identified himself as Dipak Sharma, the customer service representative.

Rushay told him that he wanted fresh pizzas but the man said that they had no such policy but the company could refund his money. The man then sent a link to Shah and asked him to fill his name, mobile number, and the Google ID.

After that, he asked him to send a particular message to another cellphone number thrice. As he sent the message, he found that Rs 5000 were debited from his bank account.

When Shah told the man about the deduction of the amount, he denied agreeing. Later in the night, the man again called Shah’s wife and she put Shah on a conference call. Again, Shah followed his instruction and this time an amount of Rs 55,885 was debited from Shah’s account.

Inspector SR Gamit of Vastrapur police gave the information about the case. He reportedly said that a complaint of cheating and breach of trust besides charges under the Information Technology Act had been filed.


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