Man gets 60-yr jail term for trying to sell 4-yr-daughter for sex

The Hush Post: A man from Wisconsin who had posted an advertisement on Craigslist to sell his then-4-year-old daughter for sex has been sentenced to 60 years.

In 2015, Andrew James Turley was arrested for trying to sell his 4-year-old daughter for sex. Two years later he has now been convicted.

Houston police officers had been on to Turley since they noticed an ad on Craigslist called “Play with Daddie’s Little Girl”, The Washington Post reported.

As per Harris County district attorney’s office, in over 70 e-mails Turley negotiated with a client, whom he described his daughter as “younger than 10”.

He told the client he charged USD 1000 for two hours and assured him that he would slip his daughter medication before the encounter. “Turley implied that his daughter might be too young for intercourse but everything else was OK,” the district attorney’s office reportedly said.

But the 30-year-old man was not aware that the person he was talking to was an undercover cop.

He was arrested in November 2015 after the undercover cop arrived in a Houston apartment where he found Turley’s daughter “unresponsive and lying naked under a blanket”, ABC affiliate KTRK reported.

At the time, Turley was visiting his daughter who lived with her mother. The child’s mother was unaware of the situation and was not charged, the report said.

Turley was handed down sentenced on Friday in front of a jury in Harris County, Texas where he was convicted for child trafficking and compelling prostitution on someone under the age of 18.


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