Man inserts motorcycle handle into wife’s private part over extra-marital affair

Private part

The Hush Post| 5:41 pm|one-minute-read|

A man allegedly inserted the plastic covering of a motorbike handle into a private part of his wife. While the incident took place in the past, the man has been now arrested from Indore in Madhya Pradesh.

The surgeons at the Maharaja Yeshwantrao Hospital who operated upon the woman removed the plastic grip which had been pushed right up the 30-year-old woman’s uterus, urine bladder and small intestine.

As per the MY Hospital the infection had already spread in the area since the grip remained stuck in the uterus for a long time and it could have spread further to other parts of the body if the operation was not carried out immediately

“The victim’s husband, Prakash Bhil alias Rama (35) shoved up the plastic part into her private parts after a quarrel over his relationships with other women. She did not disclose it to anyone till the pain became unbearable,” Chandan Nagar police station in charge Rahul Sharma said.

He said following the woman’s complaint, the man has now been arrested.


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