Out of fear of police, man kills abducted child, stuffs and keeps body in suitcase for 35 days

The Hush Post: A seven-year-old boy’s body was found stuffed in a suitcase, it had been kept in that condition for the last 35 days. The police has arrested the culprit, a 27-year-old failed IAS aspirant Avdesh Sakya, who was a former tenant of the unfortunate landlord whose son’s body was found in the suitcase.

Sakya had kidnapped the boy on January 7 who lived in Nathupura colony in north-west Delhi. He had lured the boy, Ashish, into accompanying him on the pretext of buying him a cycle which he had promised to him on his birthday on December 19, and confined him in his one-bedroom house, a few houses away from the child’s house.  According to the police, he had a verbal spat with the child’s father a few months ago and was looking to seek revenge. During interrogation, Sakya told the police that he had planned to ask for a ransom of Rs 15-20 lakh from the child’s father who had bought a new shop.

When police notices regarding the kidnapping were pasted in all nearby localities and adjoining police stations and the police started questioned people, he got scared within a few hours of the kidnapping and decided to kill the child. He stuffed the body in a suitcase after wrapping it in a plastic bag. He had since been looking for a chance to dispose off the body.

The final breakthrough for the police came when the area SHO tried calling Sakya for some information about the child and found his phone switched off. He did not get back to the SHO on any update regarding the child, as he had been trying to feign co-operation with the police and parents in finding the child. They then asked the child’s father to check on Sakya, who found him in his house.

Neighbours also complained of a foul smell emanating from his room. When cops confronted him, he told them about dead rats in the room. Neighbours said he would display dead rats whenever he was asked about the foul smell.  The police recovered 10 bottles of perfumes from the room, none of which had been used, to hide the foul smell.
Sakya had made three failed attempts to crack the Union Public Service Commission examination. But on his Facebook page, he claims to have served in the Central Bureau of Investigation, the Information Bureau and the Income Tax Department.


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