Shocking: Man kills mother for not cooking food

man kills mother

The Hush Post | 7:27 pm | One-minute read |

In a horrific incident, a man allegedly killed his mother after she refused to cook for him. The incident has been reported from Chunawadh village of Sri Ganganagar district in Rajasthan.

Police have arrested the accused.

According to police the accused killed his mother on Wednesday. Police said Krishna Kumar hit his mother Bindra Kaur with a sharp object, killing her.

The matter came to light when Krishna Kumar’s father reached home. Sri Ganganagar police said Krishna Kumar’s mother did not cook for him which infuriated him. The two had entered into an altercation following which Kumar hit his mother, resulting in her death.

They said the incident occurred in Chunawadh village on Wednesday.

Police have arrested Krishna Kumar and is investigating the case.


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