Man kills his 2 sons suspecting they were from his wife’s lover

The Hush Post | 7:40 pm | One-minute read

Uttar Pradesh police arrested a man on Saturday, who killed his two children suspecting that his wife had an extra-marital affair and the children were not his. The accused has been identified as Rohtash who lives in Nirmalpur village and is a tailor by profession.

Senior police officer Uday Shankar said, “He stabbed his four children with a pair of scissors out of which one died on the spot. The other one succumbed to death during the treatment. The remaining two are in critical condition. He did this suspecting his wife of having an illicit affair. Blood stained scissors have also been recovered from his possession.”

The accused suspected that all his children belonged to the man with whom his wife was having an affair.

Giving more information about the crime, Uday Shankar Singh, reportedly, said, “On June 9, he conspired to kill his wife and four children. At around 10:30 pm, he went upstairs where his three children- Ravi, Akash, and Saloni- were sleeping. He stabbed all of them. After that, he went downstairs and stabbed his fourth child Shivani and attacked his wife.”

Both of his sons, Ravi and Akash died and his daughters Shivani and Saloni are in critical condition. He tried to escape after committing the crime but was caught by the police.

A case has been registered under relevant sections of the law and further investigation in the case is underway.



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