Man kills wife suspecting affair; sits by the body for 24 hrs, then surrenders


The Hush Post|11:30am| 2-minute-read

A 23-year-old man from Delhi allegedly killed his wife in front of his two-year-old daughter. As per police the accused, Kamil, walked into the Kamla Market police station on Sunday and confessed the murder.
He informed the police that the body was lying inside their second floor flat in Kamla Market area. The body of his 22-year-old wife, Reshma, was found on a mattress on the floor. The body had turned blue.

Police said, “It was learnt he had killed her on Friday and kept sitting with the body on Saturday as he was in a state of confusion on whether to dump it somewhere or confess his crime.” He told the police that he had been married to Reshma for three years.

After killing his wife, Kamil spent more than 24 hours sitting near her body with their daughter in his lap. The next morning, he fed milk to the child and then went to the police station to surrender, said police.

The police officer said, “Kamil suspected Reshma of having an affair. The couple often had arguments over the issue. On October 18, Reshma left for her parents’ home with her daughter but returned the next day. On that night, they had an altercation during which Kamil strangled her as he was drunk.”



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