Man reaches Odisha coast in 28 days after braving two storms

Sea Storm

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It was a 28-day journey from Andaman Islands to reach wherever a certain Amrit Kujur could reach once their wire communication was lost due to heavy storm. And then the coastal village of Khirisahi in Odisha was jolted out of its calm waters on Friday, when a boat carrying a limping man, washed ashore.

49-year-old Amrit Kujur, a native of Shaheed Dweep in the Andaman and Niobar Island — who was missing at sea for the last 28 days and braved two storms on his journey in the Bay of Bengal and lost a companion along the way.

According to a report, Kunjur started from the Andaman Islands, approximately 750 nautical miles or 1300 km from Odisha coast, on September 28 with his friend to sell provisions and potable water to other ships with the intention of selling wares worth Rs 5 lakh.

That was when they ran into what seemed like a neverending storm.

Badgered by the gust and gale, their boat was heavily damaged and the wireless communication snapped. Fearing capsize, Kunjur and his friend threw their ware off the boat to reduce the weight, as they frantically tried establishing connection with the passing cargo ships.

Finally, a Burmese Navy ship came to their help. They helped Kujur by giving 260 litres of diesel and a compass for determining direction in the sea.

But fate and fury, both were not in their favour as they encountered another storm in the Bay of Bengal and were forced to anchor midway.

Although the boat didn’t sink, it was heavily damaged, spluttering desperately to keep afloat against the fierce swathe of gallons of seawater.

“With no food and drinking water, Divyaranjan died after a few days and Kujur survived by drinking rainwater that he had soaked up in his towel. He was also forced to drink sea water,” a police official was quoted as saying.

Kunjur had tried to preserve his friend, Divyaranjan’s body on the boat for two days, but was compelled to throw it once it started to decompose.

Kujur was examined by doctors and was found to be in a healthy condition. Officials said his family members have been contacted and they would be arriving in Odisha in the next 48 hours.


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