Man returns from Saudi Arabia after 1.5 years; finds a month-old baby in wife’s lap, lands in jail; know why

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A man from Gonda in Uttar Pradesh returned from Saudi Arabia after 1.5 years. To his surprise he saw a one-month-old baby in the lap of his wife. On the night of December 1, the newborn died under mysterious circumstances. The post mortem report of the baby which came on Friday made a sensational revelation.

The newborn was brutally banged on the floor, said the police.

The incident has been reported from Karnailganj Police Station area in Gonda. Inspector Atal Bihari Thakur said the man saw a month-old baby upon his return and inquired about it. The 27-year-old woman informed the husband that her younger brother had raped her after inviting her to his home, resulting in pregnancy. Feeling ashamed, the woman didn’t reveal about her pregnancy to anyone until the child was born.

Subsequently, the husband lodged a rape case against his brother-in-law who is presently at large. But on the night of December 1, she found her baby dead. She then lodged a complaint against her husband accusing him of murdering the child.

Now after the post mortem report, the police have arrested the man and rounded-up two other suspects.


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