Man stays at Taj Banjara hotel for 100 days and vanishes without paying bill of Rs. 12.34 lakh

The Hush Post |Two-minute read|02:25 pm

A man allegedly fled without paying the bill of Rs. 12.34 lakh after having stayed at a Hyderabad star hotel for more than 100 days.

A complaint was lodged by the management of the Taj Banjara hotel. The police registered a case of cheating and criminal breach of trust against A. Shankar Narayan. He is said to be a businessman from Vishakhapatnam, a city in Andra Pradesh.

According to the records of Taj Banjara management, the man stayed in their luxury suite for 102 days. After paying Rs. 13.62 lakh out of his total bill of Rs. 25.96 lakh, the man left the hotel in April this year without informing anyone.

Afterward, the hotel staff contacted Shankar who promised to clear the unpaid bill. However, he switched off his mobile after which the hotel manager approached the Banjara Hills police station and lodged a complaint against him.

“We have registered a case on the complaint by the hotel management and launched investigations,” Sub-Inspector P. Ravi told IANS.

Subsequently, the man claimed that he had settled the whole amount of bill and only then did he check out of the hotel. Claiming himself to be innocent and that his reputation had been defamed, Narayan said that he is thinking of taking legal action against the hotel.


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