Meet Srishti Bakshi, the woman who is on a walk from Kanyakumari to Kashmir

The Hush Post: Srishti Bakshi, the woman who is on a walk from Kanyakumari to Kashmir, reached Ludhiana on Tuesday. She undertook this walk to bring awareness about issues revolving around the safety of women in our country, and she also aims to bring about a positive change in the mindset of women across the country.

Accompanied by her team, she painted a graffiti outside BCM Arya Model School, in Shastri Nagar. The team paints a graffiti of a woman or a girl who has inspired them and can serve as an inspiration for others as well. The graffiti outside BCM features a 12 year old girl by the name of Vidya. Sharing Vidya’s story, Srishti Bakshi said “Without a home, the sprightly little girl lives in an abandoned storm sewer pipe. I felt great to see her reading a book. She goes to the school nearby. What was inspiring about her was not only that despite the conditions she was living in, she was studying, but more so, that she also teaches another girl who is not allowed by her parents to go to school. At such tender age, despite limited means, she has the heart to go and teach another girl,” said Srishti. “She should be an inspiration for all of us, to help out the less privileged and teach those who don’t have access to education,” she added.

Srishti’s Crossbow Miles movement will cover 110 cities, and comprises of 100 crore steps. The 3,800 kilometres long journey will take 260 days to complete. Upon reaching Ludhiana, Srishti completed 3,200 kilometres out of the 3,800.

During her walk, Srishti interacts with girls and tries to know and talk about their problems. She conducts workshops for women and girls, in order to inspire them to empower themselves. Becoming financially independent is something that every woman must do. Her mission has already become a big movement.

Looking after the marketing and branding for a big international firm in Hong Kong, Srishti Bakshi would feel upset when people from other countries would tell her how they would not allow their wife or daughters to travel to India since it is very unsafe. Multiple stories of rape coming from all parts of the country would unsettle her, and she decided to undertake this mission after the Bulanshahr incident, where a woman and her daughter were gang raped in front of their husband and son.

Srishti is also sharing data and problems that women face, with the Indian School of Hyderabad. This information will also be shared with the National Commission for Women, and a documentary on her journey is also being made.

To ensure that more and more people can join her on her mission, a mobile app has been created through which people can become a part of this movement.


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