Poor Mehul Choksi is so willing to ‘return’ but tells CBI it’s “impossible” as his passport is suspended

Accused in fraud against PNB says he was abroad in connection with business much before CBI booked him in the case.

The Hush Post: Mehul Choksi, prime accused in Rs 11,400-crore fraud against Punjab National Bank (PNB) along with his nephew Nirav Modi, has written a letter to the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) expressing his inability to return to India saying that his passport stands suspended. In his letter to the CBI, Choksi said it is “impossible” for him to return.

Mehul Choksi
In his letter to the CBI, Mehul Choksi (in pic) said it is “impossible” for him to return to India as his passport has been suspended.

“It is impossible for me to travel back to India. I wish to point out that the Regional Passport Office Mumbai has not given me any explanation as to why my passport has been suspended and as to how I am a security threat to India,” Choksi has said in letter dated March 7.

Choksi started as a trader and set up own 22 companies and was a regular feature in the Bollywood circuit. He has blamed the agencies of “acting with a pre-determined mind and interfering with the course of justice”.

He added the seizure of his assets, bank accounts and the shutting down of all his offices in India has caused prejudice against him, NDTV reported on Thursday.

Choksi and his jeweller nephew Nirav Modi left India in January this year. But Choksi now claims he was travelling “abroad for business” much before the CBI filed an FIR against him, a channel report stated.

The alleged fraud came to last month when Nirav Modi, another central figure in the Rs. 11,400-crore fraud, was summoned by the Enforcement Directorate (ED).


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